Has Your Fertility Doctor Missed Something?

You go to your doctor with your symptoms, and you get an fertility evaluation, maybe have a few tests run. If you are lucky, you’re on your way to a specialist and a path to feeling better about your fertility. How much more personal does it get? In fact, much more. In theory, astonishingly more.

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Do I Need Lab Tests?

Role Of Lab Tests in Fertility Health

The Power Of Fertility Checks

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What You Need To Know About A Standard Fertility Evaluation

The standard evaluation for fertility is usually based on a limited range of lab tests to meet a 'standard of care' for the population and may miss important roadblocks to your fertility. Take environmental pollutants for example. These  contribute to unexplained infertility, yet are not included in routine fertility evaluations. Your BUMPFertility Health Check includes the conventional assessment & management of infertility, but more importantly, it addresses the ROOT CAUSES of infertility. It provides the foundation for producing high quality eggs and sperm as well as correcting hormone imbalances & restoring fertility.

Food Intolerance Diagnostic Testing

Food intolerance influences both male and female fertility yet it is not tested for in routine pathology tests. If you have to avoid certain foods to feel well, it's time to consider diagnostic testing.

Digestive Health & Diagnostic Testing

Gastrointestinal function is important for fertility health and there are several different lab tests to help restore intestinal microbial balance and improve fertility.

Testing For Illness Prevention

Disease prevention and maintaining optimal nutrition play an important role in optimising your fertility. Lab testing to identify potential hidden roadblocks provides answers.

Testing For Hormonal Problems

Hormone problems cause infertility and are often difficult to detect in standard lab tests. Comprehensive hormone testing can often include a combination of saliva, blood or urine samples.

"Narelle guided me through 2 IVF cycles including supporting me through the fears of a high-risk pregnancy with autoimmune disease. Narelle is one of a kind & her holistic approach to fertility is amazing" Kim, QLD.

FACT: Health conditions directly impact your fertility and are rarely screened for in fertility assessments. Early detection of hidden underlying health conditions means you can proactively manage your health and fertility. This means you CAN conceive faster naturally or increase your odds of a successful assisted reproductive fertility cycle.

"Statistically by the time you reach the age of 40, you have 6 hidden modifiable infertility factors potentially influencing your ability to conceive either naturally or with IVF. Most are preventable or treatable with diet, lifestyle, functional nutrition and botanical medicine."

Narelle Stegehuis MHSc. HM
Intergrative Natural Fertility Coach

What You Need To Know About Environmental Toxins And Fertility

Scientists have discovered that thousands of chemicals influence our fertility. This is why testing for them is so important.

Learn How Environmental Toxins Are Linked To Infertility

What You Need To Know About Testing For Disease Risks

Disease risks caused by genetic variants play a large role in unexplained infertility. Testing for SNPS can mean you manage your fertility better.

Learn How Heavy Metals and Environmental Toxins Can Switch Genes On

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