Want to Know Your Chances of Conceiving In The Next 3 Months?

If you've been to your doctor with your symptoms, and had a fertility evaluation, you may have a few tests run. If you are lucky, you’re on your way to a specialist and a path to feeling better about your fertility. How much more personal does it get? In fact, much more. In theory, astonishingly more.

What's Your Realistic Chances Of Conceiving In The Next 3 Months? Find Out Now!

Over 120 hidden factors stop you conceiving. Are you ready to deal with yours?

Developed to take you out of your comfort zone, BUMP® guides & supports you to deal with the key factors you need to fix, to turn your dream of getting pregnant into a reality.

What you need to know is a normal fertile couple has a 20% chance of conceiving each month. Adding 1 or more hidden factor means statistically, it could take 7 years to conceive without my help which is not great news if your biological clock is ticking!


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