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Ground Breaking. "The BUMP® Health Check has taken the uncertainty out for us and the worry of not knowing what was wrong. Now that we have our FERTILEZONE® blueprint there are things we can do differently straight away" 

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Want Results From IVF?

Unexplained infertility is a frustrating diagnosis that leaves you stranded. What this really means is 'we're leaving it up to you to find the answers'. So where do you go from here? BUMP® is developed so you have your own blueprint of what things you can do differently straight away to get better results from IVF or attempts at trying naturally.

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BUMP® is ground breaking. Our unique Health Check assesses factors like diet, lifestyle, stress, exercise, sleep patterns & medications. We assess your unique biochemical makeup, lab work, nutrient deficiencies, your toxic load, DNA, family history, genomics & genetic susceptibility. Based on global research, it's essential to better IVF outcomes.

Better Things Are Coming

You are not the problem, the traditional fertility treatment model is broken. How long will you continue struggling with your fertility health, when you really don't know what your body needs to improve your chances of a successful cycle? How much is not being assessed for toxins and environmental pollutants costing you? Do you really have time to wait?

Get Pregnant With Endometriosis

Get Pregnant With PCOS

Ovulation Problems?

Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

"Having PCOS meant I already knew about diet and what I should be eating. What I didn't know was what hidden factors like environmental toxins were driving my PCOS. BUMP® made getting pregnant so much easier. After a long journey of IVF I still had hope & I wanted answers. Having my FERTILEZONE® blueprint provided these & now I'm a mum."

Pregnant With PCOS After Years Of Trying

Stop Early Pregnancy Loss

How To Improve Egg Quality

How To Improve Sperm Health

Improve Implantation

"BUMP® taught me knowledge is power. Instead of layering on criticism and self-judgment, I could forget what didn't work & focus on what can."

Karina Hahne

IVF After Care And You

Reasons IVF Can Fail

Causes Of IVF Failure

How To Get The Best From IVF

"From clinically infertile to a mum of not one but two wonderful children. What can I say? Don't try another cycle without knowing your FERTILEZONE®"

Clinically Infertile To Mum of 2

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