Trying to conceive and receiving a diagnosis of unexplained infertility is physically and emotionally draining. However, even though you may feel overwhelmed by the delay in starting your family, practicing mindfulness and focusing on positivity during your fertility challenge can be beneficial:

  1. Look after your health and wellbeing

    Infertility is linked to several other health problems and the process of IVF can take its toll. While many studies differ in their findings regarding the exact percentage of infertile couples reporting mental health problems, it is generally accepted that infertility can worsen stress, anxiety, and depression as well as cause anger, sadness and social isolation.

  2. Strengthen your relationships 

    Infertility can put a damper on romance when partners adhere to a strict intimacy schedule to increase their chances of getting pregnant. This routineness and lack of spontaneity may lead to a decrease in desire for your partner or sexual...